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July 29, 2008

Heartburn No More

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I decided that I’ve suffered long enough with acid reflux, and it’s time to do something about it besides popping antacid tablets in the middle of the night. I remembered reading somewhere that this was not a good habit.

Heartburn No More book

So I paid my $47 and downloaded Jeff Martin’s 150-page eBook. Jeff is a certified nutritionist, and a former heartburn sufferer himself, and he spent 7 years researching and perfecting his techniques for eliminating heartburn homeopathically.

The book provides a solid introduction to the causes of heartburn. Traditional medicine can only provide temporary relief, but cannot cure the malady, because it treats only the symptoms and doesn’t consider the underlying cause. Jeff’s homeopathic method cures heartburn naturally, permanently, without drugs, and without any side effects.

In addition to this valuable eBook, the package also provides personal consultations with the author to help you get through the battle with acid reflux once and for all. 6 more eBooks on related subjects are also included.

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