"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself; art cannot become manifest; strength cannot be exerted; wealth is useless, and reason is powerless."   ~   Herophiles, 300 B.C.

What Is Your Home Remedies?

We focus exclusively on remedies that You can use in your own Home. We specialize in Herbal Remedies: the use of herbs for nutritional or medicinal purposes

  • in promoting good health
  • in preventing disease
  • in treating or curing disease or injury

When I began Your Home Remedies, it had a standard website format - there were seperate pages for each topic. After a few months, I realized that a blog would be a much better format. It would allow our viewers to have more input, by providing a comment section for each topic presented. And it would make it easier for me to add new material, without needing to worry about designing a whole page for each new topic presented.


Blog posts have been organized into several main categories: articles, questions, reviews, and videos.

Articles: I am currently presenting a series of articles on herbal remedies. Each article examines a subtopic in some detail, and should provide a basic introduction both for the novice and for those of you already familiar with the subject.

Questions: I encourage you to contact me if you want the latest information available about how to treat a particular ailment. I will search all of my resources to find a safe, natural way for you to heal yourself. The 'Questions' category will consist of answers to your questions, in the form of 'quick quizzes' ( with answers provided ).

Reviews: Many of our advertisers offer in-depth applications of herbal remedies, presented by experts in their field. I hope that you will take a closer look at those that interest you.

Clicking on an advertiser's link will not expose you to any malware. I have thoroughly checked all these links to ensure their safety. I have personally filled out any forms on their sites, and I have made sure that the offers presented are real.

The links will open in another window, so you will have no trouble returning to our website. If you are not interested in what you find there, simply close that window, and you will immediately be back on Your Home Remedies.

Each entry in the 'Reviews' category will consist of a critical appraisal of one of our advertiser's offers. Each review will describe what the website is giving away, as well as what their paid product is all about -- without all the "hype" that they usually put on their "pitch" page.

Videos: Videos are in! I have discovered lots of interesting videos on topics related to herbal remedies, and will re-publish some of them here for your convenience. I realize that some of them are rather controversial, and I hope that you will post a comment if you disagree. Let's start a dialogue!

Good health to you
...The Professor, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands


Material on this website is provided for your information. It is not a substitute for the medical expertise and advice of your health care provider. The mention of any product, service, or therapy is not to be considered as an endorsement by this website.